The Power of Digital Graphic Recording at C4DP#39 Provocari si Esecuri

In the latest C4DP event #39, hosted by the amazing team from SmartExperience, we had an amazing time at the Living Library III with Felix PΔƒtrΔƒΘ™canu, a successful entrepreneur and President at FAN Courier! 🌟

Listening to Felix’s story about starting his own business was like watching an exciting movie. He shared the ups and downs of his career journey and how he overcame tough times. Felix inspired us with his reasons for doing what he does and how he brings his personal values into his work.

There were a lot of participants attending, both in person or online. πŸš€

#C4DP #SelfImprovement #LivingLibrary

During the session I made a digital live Graphic Recording and here is what came out: πŸ™‚

Provocari si Esecuri

What is Graphic Recording (GR)?

Graphic Recording, often abbreviated as GR, is the process of visually capturing discussions in real-time, enhancing understanding and engagement during conferences, meetings, and workshops through dynamic illustrations. πŸ–ŒοΈβœ¨

#visualthinking #VisualStoryTelling #graphicrecording


  1. Real-time Visual Capture: The process involves capturing essential ideas and information expressed during a conference or event using digital technology.
  2. Dynamic Digital Illustrations: Digital drawings or diagrams are employed to illustrate and synthesize the discussed concepts.
  3. Interactive Visual Representation: It provides a dynamic and interactive visual representation of the event, replacing or complementing traditional note-taking methods.


  • For Event Organizers: It adds a visual and interactive dimension to conferences, creating learning materials and promoting engagement.
  • For Event Participants: It helps attendees better understand the topics discussed and easily recall the presented information.
  • For Sharing Insights: It allows interested individuals to share the learnings and conclusions of the event with those who couldn’t participate in real-time.


  • Enhanced Understanding and Retention: GR facilitates the understanding and retention of information through visual elements and graphic synthesis.
  • Interactive Participation: It offers an interactive and captivating way to follow and engage in events.
  • Increased Impact and Outreach: It contributes to amplifying the impact and dissemination of the event by sharing graphical materials and key insights with a broader audience.


The integration of Digital Graphic Recording at events like C4DP#39 not only enriches the participant experience but also serves as a powerful tool for knowledge dissemination and community engagement.

Here’s to unlocking more insights and inspirations through the art of visual storytelling! 🎨✨

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