Journey through visual agile facilitation: a worldwide connection

🌍✨ Just wrapped up an incredible journey with the “Visual Agile Facilitation” training in Antwerp, Belgium, during the first week of September 2023, and the energy and inspiration are still soaring! 💪💡

When I initially registered, I anticipated being the sole foreigner in the room. However, what I encountered was nothing short of pleasantly surprising: a diverse group of participants and facilitators coming from five continents and numerous countries, including Australia , Belgium , France , Indonesia , Mauritius , Netherlands , Romania , Slovakia , Sweden , the UK , and the USA .

This remarkable diversity brought together an incredible mix of knowledge, competencies, and experiences. What struck me the most was the openness and willingness of this global community to share their insights and to propagate the transformative power of visual thinking and visual facilitation. 🌎🌏🌍

The training sessions themselves were nothing short of extraordinary. They served as a reminder of the boundless potential that visual communication has, opening new means for understanding, engagement, and collaboration. 🖼️🧠

A heartfelt thank you for providing me with the opportunity to participate in live graphic recording. The feedback and encouragement I received have had a profound impact on my journey. They have reinforced my belief that my work holds the potential to inspire and assist individuals across diverse organizations and industries. 🚀💼

Special recognition is also due to our 4 exceptional facilitators—Axelle, Ben, Ben, and Olina. Their expertise and guidance played an indispensable role in shaping this incredible experience. 🙏🌟

In conclusion, this training has highlighted the significance of visual thinking in communication, comprehension, and engagement. It has shown that visuals possess the unique ability to transcend language barriers, making complex concepts accessible to all the participants and, why not, to a global audience. It boosts creativity and promotes better retention of ideas, making it an effective tool for teaching and learning. 🌐🤝

So, let’s keep riding the wave of visual thinking, unlocking our creativity, teaming up, and making our world a tighter-knit, imaginative place. And if you’re eager to dive deeper into this visual journey, feel free to contact me via the details on our Contact page. I’d love to have you join one of my upcoming trainings! 🚀🌟

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#DiversityInLearning #Thankful

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