Connection and Learning at Digital Camp

Finding Common Ground: Stories of Connection

I’m thrilled to share my experience from a special day of connection and knowledge-sharing dedicated to young volunteers from Portugal, France, Romania, Spain, and Costa Rica, who came to Romania for the “Digital Camp” project and some of them stay there long term volunteering. The event took place at the Nocrich International Scout Center, located near Sibiu, in the heart of Romania.

As the facilitator, I had the privilege to witness again the power of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method in action. This innovative technique allowed the participants to explore and connect in a profound and creative way. Each LEGO® piece became a tool for expressing their ideas, and the results were remarkable. Through LSP, participants managed to reveal essential aspects of their personalities and to better understand how they can support and collaborate in their common projects.

DISC Model

Additionally, I had the opportunity to guide the participants through working with the DISC behavioral typologies, which provided them with a deeper understanding of their individual communication and interaction styles. This knowledge helped them to adapt more effectively to the different needs and perspectives within the team, thus strengthening collaboration and building stronger bonds.

I would like to sincerely thank the director of the Nocrich Scout Center, Bryan, for the invitation and for allowing me to facilitate this unique experience.

Brian, the Director

I also want to extend warm thanks to all the participants for their involvement and openness. Through our teamwork and the openess to use innovative tools such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and DISC – behavior styles (Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious), we demonstrated that we can overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, building an authentic and efficient learning and collaboration environment.

Here’s to more meaningful experiences and continued learning! 🌟

Pottery workshop

PS: If you’re nearby, consider paying a visit—it’s truly an amazing! Plus, they offer fantastic ceramic workshops too. Discover the Magic of Nocrich!

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