Reflecting on My 2023 Journey

As I sit down to reflect on the incredible journey that was 2023, the Google statistics paint a vivid picture of a year filled with exploration, self-discovery, and a learning. I’m happy to share the story of my adventures through some simple numbers and what I’ve realized along the way.


2023 in numbers

A Map of My Year:

1. Places I Explored:

   – Countries/Regions Visited: 15

   – Cities Explored: 131

   – New Places Discovered: 456


      • A testament to the diversity and richness of our world.

    2. Mileage Covered:

       – Total Distance Traveled: 58,949 km

       – That’s like going around the Earth almost one and a half times!

    3. Modes of Travel:

       – Walking: 319 km (70 hrs)

       – Driving: 16,126 km (407 hrs)

       – Public Transport: 3,775 km (107 hrs)

       – Flying: 38,461 km (80 hrs)

       – Cycling: 242 km (22 hrs)

       – Imagine walking, driving, flying, and even cycling – I did it all!

    What I Learned:

    1. Travel is More Than Vacation:

    Travel doesn’t always mean vacation; it’s a journey of self-exploration and growth.

    2. Achievements and Volunteering:

       – I learned new things (got a certification in LSP) and volunteered in 8 different countries.

    3. Understanding Different Cultures:

       – Meeting people from different places helps me see broadening my worldview

    4. Loving Home and Frustration:

       – I appreciated my home country more, but sometimes, things about it made me a bit frustrated too.

    5. Spiritual Understanding:

       – I found out there’s no one “right” religion, and having a religion doesn’t always mean having peace.

    Personal Revelations:

    1. Health and Well-being:

       – Realized the importance of spending time in nature and being at peace with oneself, before with the others. Also, I should walk and cycle more to stay healthy.

    2. Dreams of Travel and Learning:

       – I want to travel and learn even more.

    3. Living with Purpose:

       – I want to live a happy, conscientious life, love more, be more grateful, enjoy each experience and the people around me and share with the world my unique and creative talents and abilities.

    A Big Thank You:

    As I say goodbye to the extraordinary 2023, I want to say thank you. It was a year of challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons. Each step, each encounter, and each experience contributed to whom I am today. 

    Here’s to more adventures, more learning, more living, and above all, more love in the chapters that unfold. Thank you, 2023, for being nothing short of amazing!


    Looking forward to the new adventures ahead!

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