Visual Facilitation for Impactful Meetings

Boost comprehension, retention, and sharing of ideas through graphic recording and visuals.


In action


Audience engagement

Maximize engagement and understanding of ideas with visual facilitation and graphic recording.


Greater clarity and retention

Increase comprehension, retention, and actionability of ideas through hand-drawn visuals.


Emotional connection to content

Create a memorable and immersive experience that emotionally connects with audiences, by using visual metaphors

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Common challenges

Less focus & attention

In a world full of distractions and an average span of 8 seconds, it’s hard to keep people focused during meetings.

Lack of engagement

Meetings can be monotonous and unproductive when participants are not engaged.

Information overload

Meetings can become overwhelming when there is too much information to process

My services

Graphic Recording

Real-time capturing key ideas through a blend of words, visuals and metaphors.

Graphic Facilitation

The art of using visual frameworks to facilitate group processes, meetings, and workshops


Visual representation of a concept, strategy or story, often used in presentations, workshops, communication.

Video Animation

Bringing ideas to life through vibrant visuals and dynamic animations

About me

Meet Anca Burlacu,

Hi, I’m a skilled Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach.

With a technical background and 17 years of experience in TECH, I’ve found my passion in helping organizations grow and teams to communicate better through visuals.

You’ll usually find me at conferences, workshops, and events, doing graphic recording.

I also offer training on everything from visual thinking, leadership to change management.

As a certified coach, I love a good challenge and am always looking for new ways to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

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