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Graphic Recording

Uses visual metaphors and text to capture ideas and conversations in real-time, enhancing audience engagement, comprehension, memory retention, and emotional connection to the content.

Graphic Facilitation

Using graphics and writing to guide meetings, workshops and trainings towards a goal, with a facilitator drawing the visuals by hand in real-time.


Visual representation of a concept, idea, or story, often created for executive meetings, presentations, strategies, Social Media, books, advertising, or other media.

Video Animations

Bringing ideas to life through vibrant visuals and dynamic animations


For your teams

Trainings (visual)

Are you interested in improving your visual facilitation skills? I offer in-house training on Visual Facilitation that can help you develop your skills in graphic facilitation and create amazing flipcharts.

Coaching 1 to 1 (visual)

Are you interested in 1 to 1 visual coaching sessions to help you enhance your graphic facilitation and visual thinking skills? Let me know!

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