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How I Got Started

Meet Anca Burlacu,

Hi, I’m a skilled Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach.

With a technical background and 17 years of experience in TECH, I’ve found my passion in helping organizations grow and teams to communicate better through visuals.

You’ll usually find me at conferences, workshops, and events, doing graphic recording.

I also offer training on everything from visual thinking, leadership to change management.

As a certified coach, I love a good challenge and am always looking for new ways to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

My History & bagkground

Hi there! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

With background in Computer Science I’ve spent 17 years working in various roles within TECH companies, from Software Engineer to Solution Architect and Team Manager.

During the pandemic times, after taking a one-year career break, I shifted my focus to visual world, training and coaching.

I’m proud to be a volunteer in SCOUTING, where I am actively involved in promoting peace and I have the privilege of working with amazing people from all over the world as an international trainer working to make the world a better place.

Today, I continue to pursue this passion through my work and dedication.

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