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Workshop: Improve your communication 

with Business Drawing

🎨  Thank you to everyone who joined our workshop! We hope you found inspiration in the art of hand drawings and discovered new ways to reshape the impact of your meetings. Stay tuned for future events and workshops


🎨 Join Anca and Kenny for an engaging online event, “Business Drawing,” where you’ll learn the art of creating hand drawings reshaping the impact of your meetings. This session is designed for Agile practitioners, entrepreneurs, trainers, managers, teams, educators, and coaches……


👥 This exclusive session is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, ensuring an intimate and interactive learning environment.

The Team 

Anca, hailing from Romania with 17 years of tech experience, discovered the transformative power of visual communication during her workshops and training sessions.

Kenny, a skilled agile professional  based in the Netherlands, rediscovered his passion for drawing a few years ago and has been leveraging his artistic skills to enhance Agile meetings and projects.

This dynamic duo met during a Visual Facilitation training in Belgium, aimed at empowering Agile experts through visuals. Now, they’re joining forces to spread the potential of visual communication further.


Experience hands-on learning to overcome common meeting challenges:


Less focus & attention:** Learn techniques to captivate and maintain attention in a world full of distractions with an average span of only 8 seconds.



Lack of engagement:** Transform mundane meetings into engaging and productive sessions where every 

participant actively contributes.




Information overload:** Master the art of simplifying complex information, making meetings less overwhelming and more digestible.



What you are going to learn


Join Anca and Kenny as they guide you through the transformative world of Business Drawing, equipping you with practical skills to amplify comprehension, retention, and idea-sharing through visuals. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your meeting experiences and make a lasting impact. 🌟

Thank you to all participants and looking forward to the next events!

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